About Us

Selling or renting out a property can be stressful and overwhelming for various reasons depending on your individual circumstances.

3Two Projects staff can assist you with every stage of this process to create a lasting impression on potential buyers/renters and make sure your property stands out for the right reasons.

3Two Projects have extensive experience in preparing a property for sale or rent, our staff understand the processes involved and can support you and your loved ones through this challenging period, while treating you, your assets and personal items with respect.

3Two Projects have relationships with all the required contractors/tradesman to complete all required works and offer a personalised, cost effective service, suited to your individual requirements.

Our team can assist you with

  • Maintenance & Trades
  • Property Styling
  • Deceased Estates
  • Downsizing/Clearance
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Settlement/Relocation
  • Victorian rental regulations
  • Finance/Brokers
  • Conveyancing

Personalised Service

3Two Projects staff will consult with you to ascertain your situation, goals and needs to determine what services best suit your situation, then set up and implement a detailed action plan together. 3Two Projects offer flexibility in the services we offer and can do as much or as little as you need. Our aim is to relieve you or your loved ones from the amount of time and stress involved in selling/renting your home or investment property based on your individual needs.

Stress Free and Simple

3Two projects remove the stresses of planning, prioritising, co-ordinating and dealing with all the experts involved in preparing a home for sale or rent from Tradesman, to Real Estate Agents, Financial Planners/Brokers, and others. Through our extensive contacts we are able to offer a stress free and cost effective solution to achieve the best result for owners and executors of estates who are preparing a property for sale or rent.


3Two Projects offer solutions for all types of situations and our clients range from Executors of a Will or Enduring Power of Attorney, people who are in distress, going through a separation, have limitations on the time they have available, or are no longer physically capable in preparing their home for sale, as well as owners who do not reside in Australia or Victoria and require assistance through a locally based company they can trust.

Phone 0450 125 443

1: Free Consultation

We will contact you via phone or email, or meet you at the property to discuss your individual circumstances, priorities, services required and your budget, timelines and goals. At this stage we can discuss our recommendations and how you would benefit from using our services for the preparation of your property for sale or rent.

2: Comprehensive Quote

Based on our initial discussions we will prepare and provide you with an itemised quote, outlining all of the relevant services to suit your personal situation and their associated costs, as well as any recommendations. You can choose for us to assist you with as much or as little as you need to aid you in a stress free sale or moving process.

3: Work Begins

Once we receive written approval we will organise a time and date with you to begin work on the property for the approved services. We will discuss a timeline for work to be completed and you will be kept constantly updated through various means with our progress of work. Once we commence should you require changes to the original plan/quote we will work through these with you however this may alter the original quoted price. Throughout the project we are available to answer any questions you may have so that you can then sit back and relax.


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